I’ve been collecting pictures of my favourite spots in Edmonton since I got my Fujifilm Instax camera five years ago. Whenever I truly feel down with the state of my life I grab my trusty camera and I head out on a photo adventure. It makes me look at this city that I love in a different way. It encourages me to get out of my comfort zone and go to places I never go. It fosters this child-like wonderment in me where I am forced to look at things from a different perspective. Even if you don’t have an Instax camera, go out and try it with your camera or your phone. You’ll be amazed at how much this simple little exercise can increase your happiness in general and your love for the place you live.

It’s not a like a digital camera, you can’t take as many shots as you like hoping that one will work out. You really have to be in the moment curating all the things that truly make an image special. By the time the film develops, the moment is usually gone and I’ve lost many a photo-opportunity this way. Not to mention the cost – if you screw up the picture, congratulations, you just threw $2.00 away!

I searched through my entire “boy box” (if you are wondering about the name click here) for my absolute favourite quintessential Edmonton shots.

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