Drums of death

Archaic screams

The guttural hammers of a caustic epiphany.

Youthful indulgence, as droning cascades across incessant static

Black waves caress industrial estate in mournful embrace

Nocturnal smell of hashish thick and commonplace-

Ski-mask hides ill formed intention as bass rumble and keyboard screech

Orgasms of prudence: blank stares at onlookers, who in turn shake with tribal dance, eyes wide.

A cold dry windy day clouds blowing through the sky sunshine and shadow.

Now, all shadow, red nauseous glow – several layers of hellish noise

Youthful indulgence as camera pans. 

Secret studies in occult literature woven in every moan and groan

Go moan and groan for womankind, mankind, kinds in between and non-kinds still all too human as all creed and colour seek cosmic truth

 endless fix, in frustration as no-one hear their cries – the enemies with inward ears and corporate grins malignant toothed, desire unwavering servitude.

So they cry in anger, at fixed hegemony, and cultural uncertainty. Wage war in learned practice.

Mainlining, ecstatic and cruel absorbed in vice and virtue, many perish as the search for meaning continues.

Weeping ales spent and cigarette butts the same shade of Red lie smouldering in excess.

In a ritual of consumption, those with outward ear feed on dissonance, dreaming in Red.

Go forth children of the night, embrace and create ritual invocations sinister against ears turned inward. You are not alone.

Find the correlation between uncertainty and desire with the beating of mighty drums. disruption and dissonance – speak truthful and wearingly, as a message draped in moonlight corrupt in new languages – turned on:  verbalizing the deceit and degradation all too human.

** Hatchet Face, Trigger Warning, Rob Naugle, Jr. Chicken $1.95, Cuck Roach – YEG. ASPECC – Alberta sex positivity education & community centre . one punch prod.

Video by Levi Gogerla

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