Silent Killers

With your head hung low

and nowhere to go,

You can’t explain this mysterious pain.
It comes on so fast. How long will it last?

Your heart is just pounding; your head starts to spin.

Your palms start sweating; it’s merely the beginning.

You’re uncontrollably crying. It feels like you’re dying.
Your body is trembling; your hands start to shake.

You feel so helpless with this horrible ache.
You feel broken down, your body aches

Your heart it bleeds from past mistakes
Can’t stop the tears, they fall like rain

The words are spinning ‘round your brain
So scared and feeling so alone The coldness fills your every bone

No food, no sleep, can’t think at all

Each way you turn, another wall
This darkness haunts your very soul

Your world seems dead I’ve lost control
The only weapon is now your pen

Your mental demons have moved in again
“Someone, please help me”; make this go away.

You can’t stand to feel this way another day.
“Someone, please help me.”

You fall to your knees.

You’re scared and helpless but, nobody sees.

Nobody knows

It’s rush hour Traffic is slow
Horns are blaring

You’re suffocating in the middle of the street

And no one can see you dying


Featured image from © Getty Images

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