The gay side of PornHub

It seems like a step in the right direction for online representation of LGBTQA+. Unfortunately, it’s a single step for a single letter in the LGBTQA+ acronym. PornHub gay isn’t as inclusive as one would hope. On the gay side of PornHub, there are several penises but not a single clitoris to be found.

REDROOM: Dreaming in red Drums of death Archaic screamsThe guttural hammers of a caustic epiphany. Youthful indulgence, as droning cascades across incessant staticBlack waves caress industrial estate in mournful embrace Nocturnal smell of hashish thick and commonplace- Ski-mask hides ill formed intention as bass rumble and keyboard screechOrgasms of prudence: blank stares at onlookers, who in turn shake … Continue reading REDROOM: Dreaming in red