Poetry to heal the soul

By Blanca Moreno Lady Vanessa Cardona is a spoken word poet, theatre professional, and activist whose work is empowered largely through marginalized voices. Her story and journey can be compared to a quote by the late Tupac “a rose that grew from concrete.” A story that is similar to the phoenix who rose from the … Continue reading Poetry to heal the soul

The truth behind crystals

By Blanca Moreno When it comes to the saying "seeing is believing," people often take this too literally these days. Since the beginning of the 20th-century, people have begun rejecting the idea that there is a God that started everything we know. Flash forward to 2019, and we have too many different theories to choose … Continue reading The truth behind crystals

Sports vs esports: Is there really an argument to be made?

By Jordan Garcia With esports leagues like The Overwatch League attempting to emulate traditional sports leagues to the highest extent, the question continues to rise: To what extent should critics be comparing esports to traditional sports? The argument can be made that the physical aspect of sports are what make the medium so unique, to … Continue reading Sports vs esports: Is there really an argument to be made?